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Welcome to Graasten Antique & Art

Many people have been disappointed when visiting the known auctionhouses to sell or buy art and antiques. They have experienced a much greater enthusiasm, good will and better prices, when making contact to one of the numerous, private antique dealers who passionately want to gratify their customers. They work hard to find information about the …

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Welcome to L Art

Today we welcome L Art as exhibitor at Mr. Peter Lau has been in the business for 14 years, and started to attend auctions “for fun” “It quickly caught my interest, and after completing my teacher exam, I was not sure if I would be working as a teacher, or start my own business. I quickly took the …

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Welcome to Aabenraa Antikvitetshandel

WorldAntique.Net welcomes Aabenraa Antikvitetshandel as a new exhibitor. The shop is with its 75 years of existence one of the industry’s oldest and largest, and is today run by second and third generation of the antique family from Aabenraa: Hans Jorgen & Lasse F. Petersen. Some of the users of WorldAntique.Net might know the shop …

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Welcome to Jesper Reutemann

We welcome Jesper Reutemann as an exhibitor at where he participates with his page: Jesper is well-known in the antiquedealer society in Copenhagen. Indoors at winter and outdoors during the summer. In front of Thorvaldsens museum, in what Jesper names “maybe the most beautiful flea market in Denmark” Now in the dark winter the indoor activities …

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