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velkommenMany people have been disappointed when visiting the known auctionhouses to sell or buy art and antiques. They have experienced a much greater enthusiasm, good will and better prices, when making contact to one of the numerous, private antique dealers who passionately want to gratify their customers.
They work hard to find information about the value and history of each piece. One of the newest dealers is Lene Meibom, Gråsten Antik. She has had a passion for art, culture and antiques, since she several years ago, in her spare time, visited exhibitions and museums in Denmark and abroad. She became a history teacher, and later became a nurse.
Art and antiques is still her great interest, and it has become greater, as her cohab is also an antiques enthusiast. In his early school years, he had a weakness for old things, and he had barely earned his first salary, when he went shopping all the places, he could find fascinating things.
Over the years it has become a huge selection of paintings and antiques, stamps and coins and especially his unique collection of candlesticks before 1700, from most places of the world, attracted a great deal of attention. So much that the Danish television station DR 1, invited him to participate in the programme, “What is it worth?” from his present home.
Years earlier, his first collection of objects d`art and antiques from the gothic period to baroque was met with positive response from the professional antique- and art dealers as well as from private collectors, and a documentary from the home was made in the magazine Antique & Auction.
Lene Meibom has with her great knowledge, combined with her cohab`s enormous private collection, a good starting point in appraising the antiques, art and paintings etc. of the customers. So she is very qualified to have goods on commission and to appraise the pieces.
The  couples enthusiasm for old things is unabated, and their knowledge is constantly followed up through reading books and magazines, watching news on the Internet, and especially by visiting antiquefairs, international antique auctions, exhibitions and markets in Denmark and abroad.
Physically they have the advantage that they live in Graasten, and can easily follow the development on both sides of the border. The male part is often tempted to buy if a special piece, that will add extra dimensions to the collection, appears on the market.
All  antique- and art enthusiasts can now find Graasten Antiques & Art on the internet and on Havnegade 8, 6300 Graasten. The homepage address is:  www.graastenantik.dk

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