Welcome to Jesper Reutemann

We welcome Jesper Reutemann as an exhibitor at http://www.worldantique.net where he participates with his page: http://reutemann.dk/default.asp?language=44

Jesper is well-known in the antiquedealer society in Copenhagen. Indoors at winter and outdoors during the summer. In front of Thorvaldsens museum, in what Jesper names “maybe the most beautiful flea market in Denmark”

Now in the dark winter the indoor activities are performed: Sale of the internet 🙂

Jesper has actually been active on the internet for the past 10 years, and has build a large customergroup acros the World during that period. The major EU contries and USA are the most important markets for Jesper.

For many years, Jesper worked at the city hall in hvidovre, but he decided to trade the sedentary work and the foreseeable working hours with the more free life of a full time dealer.
That he achieved.

Already in elementary school Jesper traded cola, licorice and chips in the schoolyard, so he’s undoubtedly on the right smithy now as an antique merchant.

Jesper is liked and respected among colleagues. He likes to tell about his things. Both colleagues and clients benefit greatly from this. “It will be great to get started selling on worldantique.net” Jesper smiles and continues: “But I am always looking forward to meet people and to buy and sell when the  warmer weather comes back.” Commodities purchased in antique and second-hand stores, online, flea markets and clearing of estates. “I try to do it all” says Jesper, but the truth is that it is his wife Anne, who keeps track of time. There will also be time for family life at home in Frederiksberg. The household further consists of his daughter Martina, age 19, and 2 cats.

For some years, Jesper had a website with pens and pencils. This category will now be added http://www.reuatemann.dk and hence also www.worldantique.net . Jespers skills are further within stoneware and porcelain.

It’s about “feeling” and to know a good deal as Jesper says. “Dealing with people is my best skills. When you sell you service, it does not matter whether you and the customer are facing each other, or whether you write with him on the other side of the Earth”.

A beautiful philosophy, which I am sure will bring more sucess to Jesper Reutemann’s business …